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With the increasing amount of people choosing to holiday in the UK, the motorhome and caravan sector has seen considerable growth, but what happens when your pride and joy is involved in an accident? Often dealers do not have the facilities to carry out these repairs. Full Circle have established techniques, training and specialist equipment allowing us to carry out the smallest of repairs to complete refurbishment and modification of these vehicles, this also includes static caravans. Our highly skilled employees are able to acquire the most obscure parts and restore your vehicle to the highest of standards. We are very proud to be one of the only Aviva approved repair centres for motorhomes. In addition to the repair of your motorhome/caravan we also carry out habitation servicing and gas checks. We are an authorised dealer for

VB Air Suspension Systems and E&P Hydraulics. The services that we offer will allow you the peace of mind that your vehicle will be reliable and ready for use.


VB-Air Suspension / E&P Hydraulic Level Systems


Travelling in your motorhome or touring with your caravan gives you that wonderful feeling of freedom doesn’t it? Within minutes of making the decision to get up and go, you can be on the road, enjoying the scenery and planning your pit stops. But it’s not always plain sailing is it? The poor condition of the roads in the UK and Europe can often leave you feeling ragged at the end of the day. And you can’t always relax when you arrive at your destination because the chore of manually levelling your motorhome or caravan awaits you. No mean feat on a good day let alone when you’re tired, it’s dark and the weather has taken a turn for the worse. That’s why so many motorhome owners and caravan owners are now considering the benefits of air suspension and levelling systems.


Each one of our dealers has been trained and accredited to the highest standards by our team in the UK and in Holland. They must also undertake a programme of annual training and testing to maintain their accreditation. When you decide to have your motorhome fitted with VB-Air Suspension and/or an E&P Hydraulic Level Systems or, your caravan fitted with our unique E&P caravan levelling system, you’re getting the best of both worlds. Superb quality engineering from two renowned and respected international brands with the convenience of a local trusted dealer, not forgetting of course that all important European service network. Contact your local dealer today!

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E&P Hydraulics Level System

VB-Air Suspension

It’s been referred to as the ‘biggest breakthrough’ in helpful and pioneering technology for caravans and motorhomes in the last decade.


This is why...

‘Arrive, push button, relax’ – four words that accurately describe the experience of an E&P customer when they arrive at their destination in their motorhome or, towing their caravan. Say goodbye to the time consuming chore of manual levelling forever! With just one push of a button your motorhome or caravan is placed in a stable and level position, automatically, safely and effortlessly in less than 3 minutes. Then when you’re ready to leave, you simply push the button again and you're on your way in minutes.


The E&P Hydraulics Level System is superior to other levelling systems that require a separate adjustment of each jack with manual checks to ensure everything is level. The E&P system does all of this automatically. With just one push of a button on the control unit, four lightweight hydraulic Jacks are lowered. As soon as all the jacks are down, each pair is operated at short intervals until the motorhome or caravan is perfectly level. It also comes complete with a two-year warranty.


Wireless remote for the caravan levelling system

With the wireless remote your caravan is safely and swiftly levelled from outside the vehicle. The unit has a waste tank drainage button to help with the flow rate and ensure the tank can be emptied of its entire contents. The wireless remote also includes a manual function to override the auto level function, ideal for example when fitting your wheel-lock, changing a wheel or dealing with a slope that exceeds the pre-set parameters of the auto-function.  You may also want to lift the wheels off the floor to prepare the caravan for winter storage.


At a glance just a few of the benefits of the E&P Hydraulics Level System:


  • A perfectly level and stable motorhome or caravan every time


  • A fully automatic control unit


  • Jacks are powder coated, with stainless steel footplates to prevent corrosion


  • The hydraulic pump is driven by a powerful 12 volt- 800 watt motor


  • Semi automatic operation is possible for each pair of Jacks


  • Manual operation is possible in the event of a power failure, for example a flat battery


  • The oil tank is integrated directly into the pump so no separate tank is needed


  • Unlike other levelling systems, the jacks run in pairs so that no torsion occurs

• Safety

As a motorhome owner you’ll no doubt have experienced those intense crosswinds while driving. When overtaking trucks or buses your motorhome can become unstable.  With VB-Air Suspension your motorhome will be so much more stable on the road, much less sensitive to crosswinds and more efficient when it comes to braking.


• Optimal handling and comfort

Motorhomes often have a high centre of gravity which can cause them to lean and roll when cornering. VB-Air Suspension filters the unevenness of the road. You don’t feel the bumps and pot holes and your heart does not beat faster when overtaking another vehicle!


• Constant height

The weight of a motorhome is not usually distributed evenly over the entire length of the vehicle.  Equipment and accessories such as a bicycle or scooter rack are often stored beyond the overhang at the rear.  The uneven distribution of weight causes the original suspension of your motorhome to sag.  This can lead to reduced comfort and to handling and steering problems. It can also mean that shock absorbers and springs have to be replaced earlier. With VB-Air Suspension your motorhome has a constant driving height, giving you a constant driving experience, no matter what you are carrying.


• Auto level

After a long journey you arrive at your destination only to discover that the campground is sloping and you have to spend time and effort manually stabilising your motorhome before you can even contemplate that cup of tea or something stronger! VB-Air Suspension has a one-touch auto level function. Your motorhome finds its perfect level quickly and easily.


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